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Bestselling author and quiz master Christopher Winn is back to test your knowledge of Britain with more than 1,000 questions to perplex and puzzle about those glorious islands covering a myriad of subjects including history, cathedrals, sports, records, modern Britain, royalty, people, places, deeds, discoveries, and disasters there's something for everyone interested in trivia in this entertaining guide to Britain. It features a range of questions from multiple-choice teasers and "odd ones out" to picture quizzes illustrated with charming line drawings to test your knowledge of the famous faces and facades of Britain. Alongside these sit cryptic quizzes and special features spotlighting different regions so that readers can tell just how well they know each local area. Perfect for all ages, it will provide hours of entertainment and education for the whole family and have young and old proclaiming: "I bet you never knew that!"

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